The Society of Gas Lighting
Founded 1875

The Society of Gas Lighting, affectionately known in the industry today as simply "The Lighter's", was formed in New York City on November 16, 1875. The first meeting was convened at the 18th Street Station of the Manhattan Gas Light Company which grew into The Consolidated Edison Company of New York.

The 11 original Founders, all Senior Executives, or owners, of the then fledgling gas distribution companies providing gas lighting and distribution services to the Boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Newark New Jersey resolved that they were creating the Society; "to associate ourselves for the purpose of general information in our profession and for professional and social improvement."

The Society's first task was to ensure that they had an exhibit to promote the use of gas at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition held in Philadelphia.

By 1879 the Society had 20 members.

Since then, meeting continuously for more than 142 years, the membership has grown to over 100 industry executives. Today, members hail from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, although some members travel from as far as Texas and California to attend meetings. Society members continue to meet at least 7 times annually to advance the cause of the natural gas industry throughout the region and the nation.

Regular meetings provide an opportunity to engage fellow members, and their guests, in discussion about the issues of the day as they may affect the development, transmission or distribution of natural gas. Invited guest speakers provide interesting philosophies about the state-of-the-art, and evolving, technologies to improve the delivery of natural gas and make it more available, and affordable, for the consumers they serve. Our quality speakers have included many gas industry CEO's, Trade Industry Association Executives, Members of Congress, State Legislators and a number of State and Federal Regulatory Commissioners who provide our members with their insight on how to more effectively operate in the competitive energy environment.

Membership in The Society remains by invitation only and, true to the original charter, members must be Senior Executives of their respective companies.

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